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The mission of The National Organization of Italian American Women is:

  • to unite and connect women through Italian culture and heritage;
  • to celebrate the achievements of women of Italian ancestry;
  • to inspire and enrich members with shared interests in cultural programs;
  • and to empower and advance the educational and professional aspirations of current and future generations.

NOIAW accomplishes its mission by strengthening ties among members through Italian cultural programs locally, nationally and internationally, and special events that inspire and promote the professional achievements of women of Italian heritage in the workplace and community; investing in our young women through mentorship, scholarship and cultural exchange programs; and fostering alliances with Italian and Italian American organizations in support of our history, culture and language.


  • We are dedicated to the progress of women in the workplace and in our society, and Italian American women in particular.
  • We celebrate the accomplishments of Italian American women and help advance the next generation of women, through education, mentoring, networking events and shared cultural experiences with Americans and Italians.
  • We are the beneficiaries of the extraordinary cultural legacy of Italy, past and present, and have both the pleasure of and responsibility for promoting, cultivating and preserving that legacy.