03 Oct Member News: Eleanor Imperato’s photography on view at QCC Art Gallery


See Eleanor “Ellie” Imperato’s artistic photographic works on opening night (October 18) through January 17, 2018 at QCC Art Gallery! 

Eleanor is a freelance writer, poet, and photographer. As a world-wide traveler, however, it was a North Atlantic trip to the Shetland Islands, the Faroe Islands, Iceland, and Greenland that awakened her interest in all things polar. She has delved deeply into the history of polar exploration, as well as into the ethnography and the rich culture of the Inuit. That eventually led to Alaska’s inspiring landscapes, the Alaska Natives, and their artistic creations. The Carving Life exhibition at the QCC Art Gallery as well as the book she authored to accompany it, Carving Life. Walrus Ivory Carvings from the Bering Sea, is the result of Imperato’s admiration for the Inuit and their art. Her book will be available through em.imperato@gmail.com, QCC Art Gallery and Amazon.com after October 18.


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