03 Oct The Formidable Kingdom in the Sun Lecture (GNY SI) on November 9


Norman Ruins aci Castello, Sicily

Thursday, November 9, 2017, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Garibaldi-Meucci Museum | 420 Tompkins Avenue, Staten Island, NY  10305
Members: $5; Non-Members: $15.
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Join NOIAW member and native Staten Islander Dawn Marie Hayes, Associate Professor of European History at Montclair State University, for a presentation of the land of many of our forebears. Learn about the Hautevilles who conquered Sicily and southern Italy—a much-contested region laid claim to no less than Holy Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors and rulers of an Islamic Emirate with ties to a north African caliphate.


Dr. Hayes will present a survey of southern Italy’s eleventh- and twelfth-century history and then delve into the fascinating life of Roger II, the first monarch of the new kingdom who established his power and advanced his agendas in an incredibly complex multicultural kingdom whose subjects included Latin Christians, Orthodox Christians, Muslims and Jews.

After the presentation join Dr. Hayes and fellow NOIAW members and friends for light refreshments.

About the Speaker:
Dawn Marie Hayes is Associate Professor of European History at Montclair State University (NJ) where she teaches various courses on the history of the Middle Ages. Her most recent research focuses on Norman Sicily and southern Italy and her forthcoming book, Roger II of Sicily: Strategies of Authority and Identity in the Twelfth-Century Mediterranean World

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Gentlemen always welcome.

Photo credits: Aci Castello: gnuckx, via Wikimedia Commons: Roger II: Matthias Süßen, via Wikimedia Commons

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