Show Your Roots, Don’t Hide Them! #BeItalian Takes Off

Show Your Roots, Don’t Hide Them! #BeItalian Takes Off

In celebration of Italian Heritage Month, our members and friends are sharing all of the reasons we’re proud to #BeItalian! If you’d like to participate, you can get 50% off an annual NOIAW membership. Click here to learn more.

Here are the top reasons we are proud to #BEItalian!

  1. It takes us back to the best memories from growing up. 

    NOIAW Rhode Island Council Member Daniella Mansella posted this throwback to a familly vacation to Rome. She and her sister are seated in front of the Trevi Fountain. She says “TBT ROMAN STYLE Mom and Dad made us smile in this one!”

  2. We pass down our pride through generations of Italian American women.

    3. We can never forget our heritage, no matter what. 

// Our ancestors worked hard to get to this country and raise a family here. 


5. Our authentic Italian passion is contagious!

In order to celebrate the 35th anniversary of @noiawomen (National Organization of Italian Women ) i was asked to share why i am proud to #BeItalian. i think the answer is simple: yes of course I am lucky to have family who come from a place of incredible food, wine and sites but more importably a place that has so much #passion – its contagious. It was amazing to grow up with this around me! Because of this i was influenced to start my own travel company & share this passion with so many others. Now my clients can get a taste of the true Italian lifestyle-no matter where their ancestors came from! I am forever grateful ❤️🇮🇹 why are your proud to #BeItalian? share your comment below and with @noiawomen with the #Beitalian hashtag! #italianheritagemonth

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Cassandra Santoro is a new NOIAW New York region member and founder of Travel Italian Style whose passion for her heritage led her to create a business around it!

6. We have the best coffee in the world and there’s no arguing it. 

7. Knowledge of our roots brings our family together in a special way.

Daniella Mansella shared this picture from a NOIAW 2013 Wise Woman Awards Event, saying “…with my mammina, Maria C. Mansella, who taught me much of what I know about Italy.”

8. Being Italian is a distinct part of our identity. It is who we are. 

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Nina Yacavino says, “My love of being Italian is celebrated and cherished daily. Generationally it’s deeply rooted with a strong respect and appreciation. The Italian characteristics are coveted and irreplaceable. We have a certain artistry towards approaching and enjoying life:) I’ve come to realize how precious we all are….”

Share your own unique reasons for loving your Italian heritage now through October 31st by using the hashtag #BeItalian and tagging NOIAW. You’ll get 50% off an annual membership!
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