Keep Letting Your Red, White and Green Flags Fly This October!

Keep Letting Your Red, White and Green Flags Fly This October!

The celebration of Italian Heritage Month continues for the rest of October. Keep sharing all of the reasons you are proud to #BeItalian! Participate in the #BeItalian campaign any day from now to October 31st to get 50% off an annual NOIAW membership. Click here to learn more.

Here are even more reasons we are proud to #BEItalian!

  1.  It’s true–there’s absolutely nothing better than Sunday dinner at Nonna’s.

2. Italian culture is scientifically proven to be healthier. 


New NOIAW member Dr. Toni Galardi writes, “I am proud to be Italian because my experience of Italians are that they are a warm and loving people. When I go to Italy, the pace of life suits me! As a change management consultant, I study the neuroscience of change and have found that there are many practices in the Italian culture that lend themselves to building a particular neuro-hormone called oxytocin, also referred to as the bonding chemical. What the data shows is that the more we have connection with others, the more resilient we are in the face of change. Therefore, if you practice Italian habits like touching, cooking for those you love, napping, etc you will be more resilient in the face of stress. In doing this research, it made me even more proud of my Italian heritage, a culture whose core values are love and loyalty and contributes to the world through its cultural practices a way to handle stress more effectively.”

3. Our heritage inspires artistic expression. 

Annette Marten BeItalian

NOIAW member and artist Annette Pensabene Marten shares, “I am proud to ‪#‎BeItalian‬. My painting, Mangia, one of 35 paintings in the collection entitled “A Tribute To My Italian Heritage” represents my love for all things Italian. As a member of NOIAW I am informed of events and meet many wonderful Italian American women.”

4. For many of us, our heritage guides our careers and inspires entrepreneurship. 

Today, Villa Palagonia the music ensemble hopes to do the same with their brand of Italian-American roots music, which draws inspiration from the Villa and beyond.

New York region member Allison Scola (@allisonscola) works as the Tour Operator & Curator of  She is also a singer, songwriter, musician, and dancer of Italian folk music as well as a scholar of Sicilian culture and writes, “I am so proud to American and a member of .”

noiawwomen15. We appreciate the little things in life. 

NOIAW member Rita Carty says, “Being Italian means family, love, laughter and good food.”

6. It’s no secret that Italy is the style capital of the world.

Parading in style! @maserati #granturismo #italianstyle #columbusday #beitalian #ciaobaby

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7. Being Italian American keeps our priorities straight in life.

Hello, #tortoni ! 🍦🍒🇮🇹 #beitalian

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Andrea Pinnavaia says, “I am proud to #BeItalian because what is most important to my culture is what is most important to me: faith, food, and family!”

8. Italian pride is in our blood!

Mary Ann CannoneMary Ann Cannone writes, “Growing up in East Harlem, I was surrounded by Italian Americans, this infused in me a love for everything Italian, family values, food,Italy, religion, all that has made me who I am today.”

Don’t hesitate to keep sharing your own reasons for loving your Italian heritage now through October 31st by using the hashtag #BeItalian and tagging NOIAW. You’ll get 50% off an annual membership!

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