Survivors and Convicts: The #ItaloFiles September 4, 2015 Edition

Survivors and Convicts: The #ItaloFiles September 4, 2015 Edition

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Happy Friday! It’s time for another edition of our news series the #ItaloFiles. This weekly post covers the most captivating recent stories about Italy, Italian Americans and the Italophile community. This week’s highlights include more tourists running amuck in Rome and convicts producing high-end wine. Read on for the dish!


A lost Italian diabetic retiree was stranded for nine days in the Lagorai mountain range in Trentino-Alto Adige. He left his home for a hike in the mountains but slipped and fell into a small ravine. His cell phone wasn’t working, so he screamed for help for hours, but no one heard him. Eventually, he was able to pull himself out of the hole. You are probably wondering how on earth he stayed alive that long! Apparently, he used his botanical knowledge and ate wood sorrel and bark which regulated his blood sugar level. Well, we are glad he survived. Did we just find the next winner of Survivor: Italy?

Surprise, surprise — the tourists in Rome are still acting up! Just this week, two drunk Belgian beachgoers stripped naked, and interestingly enough, they did not go swimming! Instead they exposed themselves and harassed fellow beachgoers, after which they were abruptly arrested for indecent exposure. Suffice it to say, with this, the heat wave, a naked Australian doing handstands (aha a theme!), and fountain dipping tourists, we do not recommend planning a Roman Holiday any time soon!

In Naples, a British tourist was robbed outside of a high end hotel. The tourist stepped out of a taxi and was immediately approached by a thief who stole his 35,000 Euro watch right off of his wrist. The thief then hopped on the back of a mo-ped and drove off. Unfortunately for the robber, the whole thing was caught on video and he is now in custody. Unfortunately for the tourist, the thief’s accomplice nor the stolen watch have yet to be found.

If the robbers and the delinquents in Rome are lucky, maybe they’ll end up at Gorgona, Italy’s last island prison eighteen miles of the coast of Tuscany. It’s known as the prison where convicts retire and a legendary winemaker teaches them to produce high-end wine. No, this is not a joke! You can buy it in America, if you can afford it, that is. It sells for about $90 a bottle. Eek!

Well, until next week!

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