RECAP: Sicily & Sardinia: The Wines of the Italian Islands 1/31/2015

RECAP: Sicily & Sardinia: The Wines of the Italian Islands 1/31/2015

It was a snowy Friday evening but that didn’t stop NOIAW’s Staten Island Network from holding its wine tasting in Ward Hill on January 31st. Wine is a priority in the snow, right?

As guests arrived, they gathered to listen to a brief history of the ways in which grapes were farmed throughout different regions of Italy. Lights were dimmed, votive candles were lit, the fireplace was ablaze and the NYC skyline became a luminous backdrop as the tasting began.

Four hands-on learning stations allowed guests to read about and discuss the wine and food pairings, progressing through the stations at their own pace. Deb McCole, of Wine Girl Tastings, shared her knowledge of Italian wines as she engaged with those who had questions. The event featured four Sicilian and four Sardinian wines (two reds and two whites from each region.)

Click through the photo gallery below to get the full effect of our tasting:

We’re excited to be working with Deb again on another wine tasting event coming up in Manhattan in April 2015. This one will focus on our young professional members and will feature both wine education and the opportunity to network. Stay tuned for more details coming soon to our website!

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